John Lynch is Now the Face of the 49ers

John Lynch has come to Santa Clara and become the face, voice and leader of the 49ers.  John is quickly changing the 49ers culture inside and outside the building.  He is open and engaging  which is something that was missing for over 15 years or since the York Family took the franchise from Eddie D.  John projects a positive enthusiasm that infects all the people around him.

Kyle Shanahan will be more prominent once camp opens up and will be the spokesperson on game days.  But Lynch is in charge of the day-to-day pubic image of the 49ers which had fallen on hard times.  Lynch also bring his deep NFL credentials of toughness and leadership to the party as well.  In other words Lynch has “street credibility” inside and outside the locker room.

Will John Lynch succeed in turning around the 49ers franchise?  In my opinion he has already done a lot in terms of bring back the 49ers tradition and shaping the future.  In addition, Lynch has put in place a good staff of scouts and personnel operatives to help bring winning back as well. Will the 49ers win another Super Bowl … only time will tell as that will requires the right players and coaches as well as the ability to execute the game plan.  It also requires a measure of luck.   It seems that Kyle Shanahan has the background and system to shape a competitive team.

In my opinion in the foreseeable future John Lynch will be elevated to President of Football Operations because of his vast football knowledge and communication skills.


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