Niners at the Combine

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan continue to say all the right things.  The rebuild is going to be a process that takes a while.  Both men seem to be on the same page and compliment each other unlike the previous coaches and GM (Trent Baalke). Both Lynch and Shanahan  emphasize that the 2017 season will be a building year especially with the QB situation still up in the air.

It is now apparent now that Kaepernick will be opting out of his contract and entering free agency. Frankly the 49ers welcome this outcome as they undoubtedly would have cut Kaepernick given his on-field performances the last 2 seasons, his $14 million contract, the regression of his “football acumen” and his on-going political distractions.  Moreover, the new 49ers management believe that his is a polarizing figure with the 49ers Faithful.  Thus they believe it is time got move from the bad blood that developed last year.

When looking at the Niners roster it is obvious that there is a glaring lack of top notch talent. Is the team better than 2-14?  Well achieving 3 or more wins isn’t much of a stretch but they are not likely to win 8 or more games for sure.  Under the right circumstances the 49ers could challenge the Rams and Cards in the NFC West next year because the Rams also rebuilding and the Cards are an aging team that has lost a step or two.

Free agency starts March 9th so we’ll see what Lynch and Shanahan’s next moves will be as they rebuild the roster.


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