Trump Message Echos the & Deadly Sins

The Jesuits believe that St. Ignatius’ 7 deadly sins will corrupt and lead to downfall.  The deadly sins are pride, anger, lust, gluttony, envy, greed and sloth.  The Trump presidency seems to be built on 6 of the 7 sins and his followers have consciously fallen for his message.

Trumps’ thin skin is the epitome of overwhelming self pride.  He cannot and does not let any comment go unanswered.  He constantly tweets back to his foes always seeking to get in the last word with misleading facts, out right fiction and outrageous insults.  His followers admire Trump for his so-called strength yet isn’t it the stronger man that can walk away or ignore these insults and doesn’t seek to get in the last word every time.

Anger is the cornerstone of the Trump message.  Anger and hatred of immigrants, Muslims, the poor, the liberals, the media, etc.  Every Trump speech is laced with anger and hate or “red meat, as they say, for his followers.  Blame the other guy for Americas problems.  Whip the crowd up in a frenzy.  Trump proclaims that Mexicans are taking your jobs, raping your daughters, and selling drugs.  Beware of the Muslims because Trump says  they reject our values and are potential terrorist plotting to destroy our way of life.

Trump lavish lifestyle speak volumes of the his gluttonous appetite.   Trump Tower is adorned in gold fixtures and furniture.  Mara Lago is exclusive and designed for over indulgence.  The resort is restricted to the rich and famous.   The middle class need not apply as you can’t afford the initiation fees to join!

Trump is seeking to unwind the very laws that protect the middle class in order to further enrich the financial class that nearly brought down the American economy in the early and mid 2000.  As the Michael Douglas character Gordon Gekko said in the movie, Wall Street, “Greed is good”.  President Trump echo that sentiment with his his Wall Street trained Cabinet.

Trump throughout the campaign and now as president tells the American people that they are being ripped off by China, Mexico, the welfare cheats, etc.  America and the American people should be envious of the nations that are taking our jobs.

Trump spent a career chasing and harassing women hence the reason the bought and then produced the Miss Universe pageant.  What better way to get his pick of the world most beautiful women.  Trump was even caught on tape making crude, lustful remarks about women which he later dismissed as just “locker room” talk.

What kind of president has the American people elected?  A demented huckster? A cleaver manipulator?  A mentally ill billionaire?  All the above?


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