Shanahan and Lynch in Place

Kyle Shanahan arrived at the Forty-Niners headquarters today after being greeted at the local private airport by Jed York and John Lynch.  Tomorrow is the official press conference introducing Kyle and John to the local media.  The honeymoon will be short as the local media and the Faithful are anxious for a return to respectability next season.

The first order of business is to hire a coaching staff and then to evaluate the current roster to determine how many of he current players are viable candidates for the 2017 season.  Once that is accomplished Kyle and John will scout the potential free agent market as well as review the college draft candidates.  There is no doubt the 49ers have a lot of holes to fill most notably at quarterback, wide receiver and linebacker.

The Niners will likely have to find a veteran QB to fill in for the near future.  There a a few veterans they can acquire through free agency or via a trade.  The most notable is Jimmy Garoppolo who may alsobe the most sought after by the Niners, Browns and Bears.  A far as the draft goes there doesn’t seem to any “sure fire” QB to use in the first 10 – 15 picks of the first round.  Kyle, John and the scouts will have to be cautious in making the second pick in the draft as there will be the temptation to use that slot to select a QB much like Mike Nolan did with Alex Smith in his first year.

Wide receivers are likely to picked through free agency and with lower round draft choices.  Hopefully Kyle and John have a better eye for receivers than the the previous GM who was terrible in this regard.

The draft is stocked with linebackers and edge rushers.  It is likely that they will use the #2 slot for a edge rusher or linebacker given the make-up of the QB class in 2017.

The Faithful are encouraged and the media is skeptical.  Good luck Kyle and John; please bail out Jed!


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