Fiery John Lynch New Niners GM

In a surprise move on Sunday Jed York hired former NFL All Pro turned broadcaster John Lynch to be the next 49ers GM.  Lynch was not on the original interview list but was added recently after he approached Jed York through likely head coach Kyle Shanahan.  It has been reported that Lynch called Shanahan to discuss the GM position and the potential of them teaming up to run the the 49ers.  After their conversation Shanahan called Jed to recommend Lynch and to facilitate an interview between Lynch and York.

As they say the rest is history.  Lynch comes to the job with no front office or scouting experience but does have tremendous football acumen and loads of contacts in the NFL.  At his press introduction Lynch admitted as much but added that he knows what he doesn’t know and intends to hire good football people to support him.  Within a day Lynch hired Denver Broncos scout Adam Peter.  Peters comes to 49ers with years of experience with the Broncos and Patriots.

Lynch will no doubt bring fresh perspective to the 49ers front office as well as a competitive spirit and culture to the entire 49ers organization.  Lynch will assume the de facto lead officer of the football operations.  Lynch has always been know for his team building skills which will be needed when integrating the front office, the coaching staff under Kyle Shanahan, and the business operations under Jed York.

Over time if John Lynch and the 49ers are successful John will likely assume a far greater role and influence within the York business operations.  In fact its likely Lynch saw both the flaws and potential in the 49ers organization and thus saw lots of upside potential for him to grow and advance within 49ers organization.


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