And Then There Was One

The Niners take on the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday, January 1, 2017.   It’s been a long frustrating season for the Faithful as this seems like the worst 49ers team ever.  In addition the ongoing owner-front office turmoil continues into its 15th year since the York family took over the 49ers from Eddie D in 2000. Since the ownership transition there has been a carrousel of coaches and front office personnel running the 49ers with mostly poor results.

Now as the 2016 season comes to close there are questions as to who will survive the next blood letting.  The media is writing that Trent Baalke, due to his poor drafts and roster mismanagement, will certain be relieved of his job very soon. Chip Kelly’s fate will depend on who becomes GM and if that person is given card blanche to reshape the football operation.  If a new GM has such authority then Kelly must convince that person that he has the ability to improve the on-field performance with better roster thanks to smart draft choices and impactful free agent signings.

With regard to this Sunday’s game Seattle has something to gain by beating the Niners namely a #2 slot in the NFC side of the the Super Bowl tournament.  Whereas the Niners are playing for pride with a depleted roster.  However there isn’t much pride in going 2-14 versus 3-13 really.  There may be a few Niners showcasing their skills for the opportunity to sign a new contract or to be an attractive a free agent signing on another team.

However by 4:30 PM on Sunday the 2016 debacle will be over for the Niners and their fans thank goodness and the 2107 season starts on January 2 with the potential that some changes will take place on the field and in the front office.


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