Niners Sweep LA!

The Niners went for a two point conversion late in the game Saturday to beat the floundering LA Rams 22-21.  Kaepernick lead the team with two forth quarter drives running in the game winning 2 points to complete the sweep.  The Niners defense contributed by holding the Rams to 7 points in the second half including a last minute interception to preserve the win.  This outcome was in contrast to the last several games when the Niners collapsed in the second half.

Kaepernick threw for 253 yards completing 28 out of 38 passes in his best game of the 2016 season.  On the other hand Jared Goff threw for only 78 yards going 11 for 24.  In addition the Niners defense shutdown the Rams running game holding them to 99 yards.

Ironically the Browns also won this Saturday beating the other SoCal team the San Diego (maybe soon to be LA) Chargers 20-17.  The Niners win cost them a potential first draft pick in the 2017 draft but frankly being the first or second pick doesn’t really matter as there is no one “got to have” player in the upcoming draft.

Does this win mean much going into the off-season?  Probably not for Trent Baalke as his fate has already been decided by Jed York although its unclear whether that means he stays or goes.  Whereas Chip Kelly’s fate is more a matter of whether or not a new GM is hired and whether that person has the latitude to fire Kelly to bring his coach.  My guess is Baalke will get the boot and Kelly will get another year to produce more wins and with a significantly improved roster.


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