Three of the Next Five Games are Winnable

December is the soft part of the 49ers 2015 schedule as they face the Bears, Jets and Rams in the coming weeks.  Those three teams are as weak as the 49ers and in some cases maybe weaker.  All three head coaches are on the hot seat and likely will be fired baring some kind of miracle.

But that doesn’t mean the 49ers will win any of those games it just means there is a chance.  With any luck the 49ers will win one or two of those games.  But it seems especially important to beat the Bears this Sunday as thy seem the weakest of the three with many key players hurt.

Will can strong finish for the 49ers enhance the chances of Trent Baalke or others in the organization from not getting fired?  Under the best scenario a 4-12 finish will not be viewed by the media or fans as a turning point.  But on the other hand Jed York may be reluctant to drain the swamp in Santa Clara because he himself does not know what to do and lacks confidence to undertake the process necessary to rebuild the organization.

Unfortunately the only thing a 4-12 or 3-13 will accomplish is move the Niners down in the draft order which may be perceived internally as alright as it takes some pressure off the GM, who ever that is, in the draft.


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