Not My Sports Year

Well 2016 has been a disaster year sport-wise for me as all my teams have not done well.  The San Francisco Giants may be the most successful of the failures.  The Giants had a winning record, finished second in the NL West and even made the playoffs.  Unfortunately after knocking off the Mets in a one game playoff they lost the NLDS to the Cubs in a 5 game series.  What made this so hard was they were leading at home in the 9th of game 4 when the bullpen, the team’s Achilles heal, blew the lead and lost the game.

All my football teams are having bad to very bad seasons.  Cal, Norte Dame and the Packers all have losing records.

Norte Dame is now being punished by the NCAA for adedemic infractions.  This goes along with multiple criminal incidents prior to the start of the 2016 season. Midway in to the season Brian Kelly fired the defensive coordinator to no avail and is now himself on the hot seat.

The Packers after a fairly decent start, meaning they won some games, have spiraled down to a 4-6 record with a hospital ward of injuries on both sides of the ball. Aaron Rodgers is having an uneven season however he has no running game to help balance the offense.  Mike McCarthy is under the gun in the media every week and one wonders if he’ll be back next season.  In all likelyhood GM Ted Thompson will be shown the door as the roster seems to be getting weaker each year due to the fact that his draft choices not living up to their promise.

What can I say about the 49ers; a team record 9 game losing streak with no playmakers on either side of the ball. The Niners problems run throughout the organization from the owner, GM, coaching staff and roster.  This may be the worst Niners situation since the Joe Thomas days and maybe worse because the current owner, the York family, seem clueless as to what to do to turn around the mess. It is so bad in Santa Clara that Niner fans have basically stayed away in droves from the games.  Levi on any given Sunday is 20-40% empty and at least 40% of the fans that show up are rooting for the opponent.

What is nice about sports in their is always next year to renew once hopes.


About Bay Area Sports Guy

San Francisco sports fan, leadership student and zen sensei.
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