Irish Punished by NCAA

The NCAA has made a recommendation to punish the Notre Dame football program due to violations regarding academic violations by a former junior member of their staff.  The NCAA found that a former student athletic trainer provided academic benefits to several football players during her employment.  Wow what a shock football players seeking help with their homework.

Come on lets be real many college football and basketball players go to a major sports college only to play their sport and get ready for a professional athletic career.  Going to class is just a requirement for them to stay eligible. In fact many of the so-called student-athletes would not otherwise qualify to attend such universities but for their extraordinary athletic ability.

So why the charade?  It all goes back to money!  By maintaining that college sports is secondary to getting an education the universities and the NCAA can rake in the billions of dollars while mearly offering the football and basketball players a scholarship and a small amount of spending money as compensation for their participation.

Unfortunately the athletes (especially the football player) have no real leverage in this matter so the charade continues.  At least basketball players can enter the NBA draft after one year which the football players must wait 3 years before entering the NFL draft.

In the mean time Notre Dame will be punished and the head coach and athletic administration will adamantly maintain that didn’t have a clue that the trainer was doing the homework for the football players.  And the charade goes on college sports.


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