Is Tomsula a Better NFL Coach Than Chip Kelly?

Chip Kelly’s 49ers have now lost 9 straight games sinking the team to a 1-9 record.  Jim Tomsula’s record last year was 5-11 with arguably a weaker roster especially on the offensive side of the ball.  It is hard to see what add value Chip has added to the Niners other than a faster paced offense which in turn may be contributing to defense fatigue.

The 9 game losing streak is a 49er franchise record stretching back to 1946!  As the Niners sink further down the comparisons between Kelly and Tomsula are natural because Jed York essentially fired Tomsula because of his failure to win games and make the playoffs.  Now Kelly is losing at a record pace; what will Jed do now?  There are a lot of fingers pointing at GM Trent Baalke but what about the head coach.  Ten games into the season and its hard to demonstrate any meaningful progress.

Today both Kaepernick (2 TD passes) and Hyde (86 yards rushing) showed flashes but overall there is a lot of inconsistency.  One noticeable inconsistency was Kaepernick’s accuracy (16/30).  At time he looked sharp then other times he couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.  In addition the defense got flagged for  number of offsides which is more a lack of concentration than anything else.

The next month will be a test for the coaches and players because at this point is would easy to give up and start thinking they have a future on the 49ers.


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