Niners: It’s Not Getting Better

The Niners have fallen to 1-8 and things aren’t getting easier any time soon.  The powerful New England Patriots come to town and expectations are low.  The silver lining so far is the improved play of Colin Kaepernick albeit he continues to expouse political opinions that don’t endear him to many of the fans.  But otherwise the Niners have not played well on a consistent basis.

Poor play has lead to fans deserting the team by either selling their tickets or just not showing up.  There are some rumblings that Trent Baalke may get the ax at the end of the season.  The most likely replacement is in-house staff member Tom Gamble.  That move seems more of bandaid rather than a significant fix.

Jed York will feel increasing heat over the next several months given the team’s poor record, lack of talent, unspent cap money and the head coach situation. Speaking of head coach ,Chip Kelly continues to be a source of criticism due his lack of success in the NFL and his seemingly college style offense.  The word around the league is Chip offense is not NFL caliber.  Moreover his coaching staff isn’t exactly a “coaching tree” ala Bill Walsh.




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