49er Faithful Staying Home

The local media is reporting that Levi is only half full of Niners fans on Sunday game days. Earlier this month it seemed like there were more Cowboy fans than Niner fans in the Levi stands when Dallas  came a calling.  In fact last Sunday’s revenue was down both in the parking lots and by extension at the stadium concessions.  Not only is this effecting the Niners organization but its hurting Santa Clara which gets a cut of the revenue as well as a piece of the sales tax on items and services sold.

Given the situation that Niners fans are staying home whether or not they sell their tickets at a steep discount.  In addition it is feared that some number of fans will not renew their tickets next and thus walk away from their SBL payment which is now worth zero.  This potential outcome should be worrying the York family although they haven’t said anything yet and have refused to meet with the local press to discuss the situation.

Speak up Jed you said at the end of last season that you were accountable!  Accountability hurts.  Since you made that statement you hired a retread coach who many NFL insiders are saying isn’t NFL material, you let a failed GM continue to stock the poorest roster in the NFL via the draft and free agency, you started the season with two quarterbacks  with a history of inefficiency and failure, and lastly you didn’t spend the $40 million of cap money to acquire a few playmakers on offense or defense.

But the capper, so to speak, was giving one of your failed quarterbacks a platform to make social protests both on the field and in locker room thereby creating  firestorm of controversy among your fans as well as in the media.  Kaepernick’s social protests and symbols, including wearing a tee shits with the Black Panthers logo, have embarrassed many fans such that they are  no longer wearing 49ers gear in public.  Also first responders around the country, police and firefighters, feel that the 49ers management is unappreciative of the difficult and dangerous jobs they undertake to protect the community from violence and destruction.

The 49ers are the laughing stock of the NFL and the 49er Faithful are staying home rather than supporting a failed organization on and off the field.



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