Bye Time for 49ers

The 49ers enter their bye week 1 – 6 after a humiliating loss to Tampa Bay 27 – 14.  Nothing went right on the field and it’s becoming apparent that Kaepernick is not the answer to the offensive inefficiency.  There is increasing talk around the league that Chip Kelly’s offense is not NFL caliber which make hiring him another mistake for Jed and Trent.

In addition the word out of the 49ers offices is that they are willing to trade any and everybody in return for draft picks.  Joe Staley is the #1 name circulating and the it seems the Niners are seeking a first round draft pick; fat chance on that happening.  Joe is 31 and his best days seem to be behind him.  I think of him as a 3 round choice at best.  Again this seems more drivel from the 49ers GM just like when they shopped Kasepernick last Spring.  We know how successful that turned out.

The season is lost and so is the organization.  Levi appeared less than half full on Sunday which is which effecting their concession and parking revenue.  Season ticket holders can’t sell or give away their tickets so are electing to stay home.  My guess is that without a major shift in the organization in the off season there will many unsold season tickets next season as people walk away from a bad investment.

It’s getting close to being a “come to Jesus” moment for Jed, John and Denise for sure!


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