Jed York Is Not Competent

With a 1 – 5 record and a wholesale revolt developing in the media and amongst the fans Jed York stays encapsulated in his protective bubble so he doesn’t have take responsibility for the Niners declining fortunes.  The media and fans are calling for Jed to fire GM Trent Baalke yet insiders are saying that Junior York is likely to keep Baalke even though the roster, of which he responsible for, is one if not the weakest in the NFL.  As this season progresses and the losses pile up the criticism by the media and fans will continue to intensify.  As it stands now Levi is generally half empty on game days as regular fans stay home unable to sell or give away their tickets.  Yet Jed continues to feed his favor media types rumors about who is at fault which never he or his family.

The latest rumor has Chip Kelly returning to the college football coaching ranks in 2017.  There may be some truth to the rumors as several powerful college programs will looking to replace their head coach including Texas and possibly Penn State, Oregon, ASU and Arizona among others. It has become apparent over the last 4 years that Chip’s offensive schemes do not work in the NFL no matter how fast or slow the pace is.  To be fair Chip was dealt as bad hand in the Niners where he has a terrible roster, key injuries, an incompetent GM and a deceptive and devious CEO and ownership. Chip may welcome a job at a college where he is in charge of the roster and finances.

The bottomline is that the York ownership and Jed in particular are incompetent when  it comes to running and managing an NFL franchise.  Over the 20 plus year that the Yorks have been in control the team has only enjoyed 4 or 5 good seasons mostly under the helm of Jim Harbaugh who they ran off due to internal differences.  Frankly it’s hard to tell who in charge of the 49ers and always has been under the Yorks.  Is is Mama DeBartolo York, Papa John York, Little Junior Jed York or the myriad of executives on the business and/or football side of the 49ers?

To add insult to injury Eddie D’s daughter Lisa recently tweeted that Jed is incompetent and should step down.  I guess she should know as has probably discussed as much with her Dad who ran the 49ers winning 5 Super Bowls.


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