Packers Struggling

Five games into the 2016 season it is obvious that Aaron Rodgers is not operating at top form.  Watching Aaron in Green Bay on Sunday I sensed the problem is partly physical (bum arm) and partly mental (lost confidence).   Rodgers missed at least two easy throws including to a wide open Randell Cobb in the end zone and another in which Cobb broke open for a potential TD or long gain.  In addition there were many other times that  Rodgers made poor throws resulting in a catch without YAK or an incompletions.  Rodgers also, at times, flat out didn’t see the open receiver and threw to a covered receiver.  It is also apparent that Rodgers has become tentative in his reads which leads to sacks or throw-away balls.

Thus the Packers now stand at 3-2 going into a Thursday night game against the lowly Chicago Bears.  Frankly a loss to the Bears would be devastating as the Bears are having their own troubles this season.  However the Packers have to be concerned as the offense has been sputtering and they are now facing a number of key injuries on both sides of the ball.

The Packer faithful are starting to reign down the boos on the team as well as calling for the heads of Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson because the team seems to be slowing going downhill since they won the Super Bowl.



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