Niners Are Repeating 2015

At the end of the 2015 season Jed York held a press conference to apologize to the Faithful for a dismal 2015 season and declaring things will change going forward.  He took his so-called first step in bring back a winner to the Bay Area by firing head coach Jim Tomsula and hiring Chip Kelly.  Jed made a few other changes in the front office but left GM Trent Baalke in place even though much of the very poor roster was drafted or signed by him.

In reviewing the 2015 roster there were noticeable weaknesses on the offensive side of the ball including a weak offensive line, very poor quarterbacks and virtually no playmaker receivers.  In short the offense was nearly the poorest in the NFL.  The Niners had the 7th pick in the 2016 draft with the possibility of trading up to get a QB or another playmaker.  As the draft rolled around there was speculation the Niners would trade up too take a QB.  On draft day the Rams and Eagles did trade up to take quarterbacks and Niners kept their 7th pick to take a defensive lineman from Oregon.  The fans and press were dismayed.  But low and behold the Niners traded up to get another first round choice and use it to take an offensive lineman out of Stanford (he is currently sitting on the bench).  Round after round went by and the Niners didn’t pick a QB or receiver even though several attractive ones were available.

Well the thought was they would use their extra cap money (around $40 million) to sign a free agent QB or receiver.  Wrong!  Most NFL experts now judged the 49ers 2016 roster as one of the worst.  In addition the Niners elected to keep Colin Kaepernick on the roster even though he had been ineffective for two seasons, had a high priced contract and now had recent history of injuries.  As feared by the fans Kaepernick came to camp weak and sore due several off season surgeries.  Coach Kelly declared Blaine Gabbert the starting QB for season opener.

Kaepernick, on the other hand, decided to become a political activist by not standing for the National Anthem and by making political statements to the press highlighting his concerns about police brutality and murder of black men.  This created a national firestorm and distracted Colin and the team from the task at hand which was to get ready for the upcoming season.

After 4 regular season game the Niners stand at 1-3 exactly the same as last season.  The offense is struggling and they are getting beat soundly by good teams as they did in 2015.  The fans have to wonder what has changed in a year.  Apparently nothing.  The roster is weak, the owner is cheap and the coach is seems out of step with what it takes to produce winning football.

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