Jed Axes Jimmy T!

Well Jed fired Jim Tomsula minutes after the Niners beat the Rams Sunday (1/3/16) without any drama or fanfare. Jed simply felt that the team failed to make significant progress during the season and Tomsula’s lack of sideline experience and ability to manage the game was very evident.  

It goes without saying that Tomsula was also dealt a bad hand from the get-go due to key retirements, season ending injuries and the overall lack of talent and depth.  One wonders why Trent Baalke is still employed as he is the person that drafted most of these players as well as signed the few free agents on the roster.  Frankly Trent’s recent  49ers track record is poor at best.

Never-the-less change 0n the field was necessary as the one year experiment with Tomsula did not inspire confidence with the media or fans.  Moreover it was good to hear Jed York apologize to the fans and to admit his past mistakes and shortcomings.  But he didn’t go as far as say the firing of Jim Harbaugh was a mistake as it seems that Harbaugh wanted out and he fueled the feud between himself and management.

Now Baalke and York turn their attention to hiring a new coach with head coaching experience and a winning track record.  There are  lot of names swirling in the media but Jed was very careful not to tip his hand as there are a number of other teams looking for a new coach as well.  I suspect the next head coach will be somebody well known and with significant head coaching experience in the NFL.  Also the person will be  deep and ready  rolodex that he will use to build an well established coaching staff to mold a winning culture and roster.


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