Almost Decision Time for Jed


It is the final week of the 2015 NFL regular season and the 49ers are sporting a 4-11 record one of the poorest in the league.  Their statistics actually are even worst than the win-loss record indicate especially when the offense has the ball.  In addition the team seems to be getting worse late in  the season which never bodes well for the incumbent staff.
Starting January 4th Jed York and his family will on the clock to decide whether to make any changes to the football upper management and coaching staff.  Since the firing of Jim Harbaugh at the end of last season the team has gotten progressively worse.  Moreover the mood of the Faithful is that the York family does not care about the product on the field but only about money and the appearance of internal organizational harmony.
However empty seats, local and national media criticism and a losing record are apparently making the York family rethink the current football structure.  Indeed it has been widely reported that former Super Bowl coach and 49ers assistant Mike Holmgren has made it known that he would be interested in coaching the 49ers next year.  Whether Holmgren gets hired or not it still provides a speculation in the media on the 49ers’ future as well as continual criticism of the state of the current 49ers.
Since the end of last season Jed York has been conspicuously quiet about this team and its future.  There haven’t been any ringing endorsements of Tomsula or even Trent Baalke who could also been on the hot seat due to the lack of talent on the current roster.  There will also be pressure on Jed with the Super Bowl coming to Levi in February.  Once the playoffs are over an army of media types will be descending on the Bay Area to cover the big game.  The media, looking for stories, will definitely comment on the fall of the 49ers because when the game was awarded to the Bay Area it was anticipated that a Jim Harbaugh led 49ers team would be one of the top contenders for the Super Bowl trophy. My how things have changed since that decision was made 4 years ago.



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