49ers Slowly Improving

Three quarters through the 2015 season the 49ers are now developing an identity and personality seemingly shaped similar to that of Head Coach Jim Tomsula. Tomsula has preached hard work, toughness and making improvements over time  The change most noticeably became apparent when Blaine Gabbert replaced Colin Kaepernick as the starting QB.  Gabbert has a better grasp of the playbook and the ability to execute under pressure.  These skills have lead to a more effective offense as well as a growing respect and confidence on the team. In addition the improved offense has also made the defense better because the are now afforded some rest.

Longer term what does this mean for the Niners.  First it is likely that Tomsula will be back next year especially if he wins a game or two down the stretch which is entirely possible given they still have the Browns and Rams on the schedule. Second the front office now can concentrate on improving weaknesses in the offensive line and pass rush during the off season.

Will the Niners make some changes in the coaching staff and front office during the off season?  Its is highly probable that the coaching staff will be tweaked as Tomsula continues to build his on the field staff.

Front office changes are less likely unless Jed York decides to hire a high level executive to run the football operations.  Jed could also promote Trent Baalke and then hire a new GM.  This is a possibility but would mean Baalke giving up some of the scouting and player personnel duties.  The big question here is does Baalke deserve a promotion in light of his general lack of consistent success in the draft and free agent signings.

In general it seems that the Niners are making improvements and that Jim Tomsula is growing as a head coach. The players respect him and he seems to have assembled a fairly competent staff of coaches.  He also seems to be gaining confidence in the sense that he is asserting himself more in critical football decision on and off the field. The future may not bright but at least there seems to by some rays of hope for more success in 2016 and beyond.


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