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The locals are steadily bashing the 49ers from top to bottom although most of the arrows have been aimed at Jed York and his court.  Most pundits and fans feel like York has emptied the roster and coaching staff in order to save money and put in people that will not question him.  However the team may be worse than he expected and the fan reaction more direct, that is staying away from games and not spending their cash on 49ers goods.  The feeling round the Bay is that Jed now be forced to makes some changes or at least let Trent Baalke make some football organizations changes such as hire a new coaching staff and sign more free agents during the off-season.  Having said this there is a camp that feels that Baalke is also part of the problem due to poor drafting and unsuccessful free agent signings.  Most people are saying that Jed is unlikely to fire Baalke or hire a president of football operations to oversee more dramatic  changes because he is incapable. As the 2015 goes down the tubes it will interesting to see what or if Jed makes any changes.  I  will say the fans want dramatic change and the local press is supporting that move.

There are now rumblings in Berkeley that Sonny Dykes won’t be back in 2016 and that the parting will mutual.  Sonny will be in last year of his contract and may be willing to step away due to the difficult academic requirements at Cal and the fact he was not hired by the present AD is unlikely going to get a contract extension.  I think most Cal fans would welcome a change if the Bears  fail to win more than 6 games.  However Sonny might be right that Cal is unlikely to be much more than an average team given the strict academic requirements, poor administration support, fickle and cheap fan base and lack of football tradition and name buzz.   In fact if Sonny leaves Cal will be hard pressed to hire big name coach to energize  the football program. Cal may reach out to former Cal player and NFL coach Herm Edwards as well as recruit Troy Taylor to mentor the QBs and offense.


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