Packers 6-0 at their bye week

The Packers have had a successful and perfect 6-0 season so far.  The bye week came at a very good time as the team is dogged by many nagging injuries.  Aaron Rodgers has played well given he has not had the same set of receivers from week to week and Eddie Lacy has been injured on and off.

The defense has also had its ups and downs although I must say they are playing better that previous years.  But they still have the propensity to give up lots of yards and at times being unable to stop a key drive.  The Pack needs to be more consistent of defense by keeping pressure on the opposing QB thus denying the passer time to find an open receiver.

The bigger question for the Packers is the number of sever or season ending injuries to key players.  Losing Jordie Nelson is huge although James Jones and Ty Montgomery have done a very good stepping up. Another big surprise is Jeff Janis, a small college second year players who seems to be Jordie clone.

As always getting home feel advantage in the playoffs is key in the NFL.  This year the Packers, Panthers, Falcons and Cards seem to be the top contenders for that spot.  Panthers seem to have the edge due to a lighter schedule.  The Packers are in fairly weak division which may help but they still have to play the Broncos and Cards on the road and the Panthers at home on November 8.

Go Pack Go!


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