Niners Receive a Seattle Beatdown

The Niners were administered a thrashing at the hand off the Seattle Seahawks last night losing 20-3. The score didn’t really indicate how bad the Niners were beat.  In fact after the first Seattle drive the Niners were never in the game.  At no time did the Seahawks feel threatened.  Marshawn Lynch ran rough shod over the 49ers defense.

The only 49ers bright spot was they sacked Wilson 5 times.  However the 49ers offense was a different matter as no aspect of he offense showed any life.  Kaepernick was inaccurate, tentative and lacked confidence.  The offensive line gave up 6 sacks and couldn’t open any holes for the running game. Kaepernick was unable find his receiver to the extent any were open and when he did his throws were wild.  In addition Kaepernick under pressure is even worse as he unable to effectively scramble away from pressure because he lacks first or second step quickness.  The Niners front office has compounded the QB problem because the don’t really have a credible back-up and they are not grooming a young QB to take his place.  Hence it looks like its going to be Kaepernick for most of the season unless he gets hurt.

It’s now become evident that the 49ers 2015 season is a total bust with very little hope for success. What is Jed York going to do in the off-season to fix this mess meaning the football operations from the GM, coach and players to the organizational culture and stadium situation?  I suspect very little.


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