49ers through 5 Games

The 2015 season is well on its way and the 49ers look below average in almost every department. The offense lead by Kaepernick has been inconsistent most of the time. Kaepernick continues to struggle except when the offense is at its most basic and the defense is also below average.  The running game behind Carlos Hyde can be good but Hyde is now hurt which is effecting his production.  In addition there is essentially no back-ups for Hyde except for two rookies including one who is playing American football for the first time in his life. This is a very strange decision by GM Trent Baalke to not add a more established running back to back-up Hyde.

The defense is similar in that it is inconsistent with a glaring problem in that there is essentially no effective pass rush.  The DBs, although young, have potential but often get burned because of their inexperience and the fact that the opposing QB has all the time in the world for a receiver to come open. Unfortunately Navarro Bowman has slowed down after sitting out a year due a sever knee injury.  He has the heart of a warrior but the body of a disabled veteran.

The net effect is that the fans and press are very critical of Jed York, Trent Baalke and the rest of the 49ers management.

My prediction is the 49ers will only win 5 games this year and the off-season cry from the fans will be for massive changes in the football front office and coaching staff,  But we’ll see.



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