49ers v Chiefs

The Niners struggled to beat a second tier Kansas City Chiefs team 15-13 on 4th quarter drive lead by rookie B. J. Davis. Kaepernick played only 4 snaps in order to give ample playing time to the back-ups McCoy and Tolzien. Memo to Trent Balke, start searching for an experienced back-up QB. McCoy and Tolzien are lost. All-in-all the Niners offense struggle for a second week. One hopes this because the starters aren’t playing. It is also worrisome that the offensive live doesn’t look sharpe. A. J. Jenkins continues to struggle in game action. He’ll probably make the team but shouldn’t as he is not contributing and really doesn’t to show any promise.

On a positive note the defense continues to shine. Harbaugh and company will have to make some hard cut as they have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball.

The next game will probably showcase more of the starter so we’ll get a better sense of what we have in 2013.


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