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In 7 days away from the start of 2012 Spring Training and the Giants roster is pretty much set. I think there are many questions as to how this team will fare. On the one hand it seems the offense has got to get better than 2011 with return of Buster Posey and Freddie Sanchez. On the other hand the Giants didn’t add any big big bats to the line-up. For the most part the Giants added two players, Melke Cabrera and Angel Pagan, who have seem a little more consistent than the players they are replacing but that will remain to be seen.

The strength of the team pitching remains together but the staff needs better support than last year. Almost the pieces are in place. But the staff is aging and some of their big guns, Cain, Lincecum and Wilson, are getting to prime earning years and I have to wonder the Giants can afford to retain their serves. Cain remains unsigned to a long-term deal and Timmy just signed a two year deal worth mega buck.

The clock is ticking on the heart and soul of the 2010 World Championship team. It seems the Giants management has decided to put together a team that will be competitive and ten add part later in the season if it looks like it can go deep in the playoffs. I’m just worried that the team and players that we have come to love and admire are not going be here much longer and our chance to relive 2010 will be gone.

Having said all this let’s play ball!


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