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All Star break wrap. At the break the Giants are 3 games up on the D’backs with 52 win. This is an improvement from last year and a huge surprise due to number of injuries to key players (Ross, Burrell, Sandoval, Belt and Wilson) including two season ending injuries to the Giants two best players Sanchez and Posey. Pitching has been strong especially the middle inning relief out of the bullpen. The biggest first half disappointment for the Giants is Huff. He isn’t hitting in the clutch and in fact seems to be getting weaker as the season moves forward, frustration may be setting in. The big question for Sabean is whether or not to add a bat to the line up. Not sure the Giants should give up much for a rent-a- bat player. Frankly the Giants could use a catcher or middle infielder that can hit around .270 with a little poor (Benito Santiago type comes to mind).

The Rockies have been a major disappointment 8 1/2 games back with a record of 43-48. Are they too far back due to their poor pitching? The Rocks need to get off to a fast start in the second half and not loss anymore ground to the top teams.

Surprise teams:

NL: Pirates & D’backs
AL: Cleveland

Team out of the running:

NL: Dodgers, Padres, cubs, Astros, mets, Nationals & Marlins
AL: A’s, Royals, Blue Jays & Baltimore


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