49ers Roster is Set

The Shanahan-Lynch Team have picked their 53 man roster and practice squad for the 2017 season.  A few surprises including the fact that the Niners are only carrying 2 QBs, Hoyer and rookie Beathard.  In addition the Niners trimmed some key veterans, including RB Hightower, WR Kerley, LB Brooks and DL Dial,  in favor of keeping younger players for the future.  They also placed several players on the IR for the year who would otherwise been cut.

The roster lacks depth and is weak at cornerback which may be their achilles heel early on.  In looking at the roster and the schedule the Niners could win 4 to 6 games.  Fans are not expecting a lot of wins but they are anxious for an exciting and competitive team.  The passing game may fulfill that promise but the running does not.  Shanahan will need to mix up the offense by throwing short passes to his running to get them in space against  slower linebackers.  This won’t be smash football but it could be a ball control passing offense. to help give the defense some need rest

Shanahan and Lunch seem to be setting the stage for what to expect in 2 or 3 years as this roster matures and improves.

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Camp’s Around the Corner

Basically two weeks until the start of training camp and the 49er Faithful are anticipating a vast improvement over 2016.  What can they expect in the first year of the Lynch/Shanahan era.  They can expect a lot of new faces, fierce competition to make and stay on the 53 man roster and a culture that demands responsibility, accountability and teamwork up-and down the organization.

They can also expect that once the season starts there will be new offensive and defensive schemes that will better fit the personnel on the roster.  But will the 49ers win more than two games?  Its hard to know but they will have better chance than they have had the last two year.  Also it seems there is a significant upgrade at some of the offensive skilled positions most notably the wide receiver and running back positions with the addition of both free agents and rookie draft choices.

Another key factor is there is stability in the front office and head coach positions and it clear the GM and head coach are on the same page and working together for the to build a winning culture.  Organizational stability is huge in terms of continuity to the organization, players and fans as well as for the recruiting of free agents to the 49ers.  Its clear throughout the league that these two men have the respect amongst players due to their background and vision for building a winning organization.

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John Lynch is Now the Face of the 49ers

John Lynch has come to Santa Clara and become the face, voice and leader of the 49ers.  John is quickly changing the 49ers culture inside and outside the building.  He is open and engaging  which is something that was missing for over 15 years or since the York Family took the franchise from Eddie D.  John projects a positive enthusiasm that infects all the people around him.

Kyle Shanahan will be more prominent once camp opens up and will be the spokesperson on game days.  But Lynch is in charge of the day-to-day pubic image of the 49ers which had fallen on hard times.  Lynch also bring his deep NFL credentials of toughness and leadership to the party as well.  In other words Lynch has “street credibility” inside and outside the locker room.

Will John Lynch succeed in turning around the 49ers franchise?  In my opinion he has already done a lot in terms of bring back the 49ers tradition and shaping the future.  In addition, Lynch has put in place a good staff of scouts and personnel operatives to help bring winning back as well. Will the 49ers win another Super Bowl … only time will tell as that will requires the right players and coaches as well as the ability to execute the game plan.  It also requires a measure of luck.   It seems that Kyle Shanahan has the background and system to shape a competitive team.

In my opinion in the foreseeable future John Lynch will be elevated to President of Football Operations because of his vast football knowledge and communication skills.

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49ers Training Camp Roster is Set

Unless the Niners make some last minute transactions the roster seems to be set for training camp.  The signing of Elvis Dumervil competes the roster which should be a upgrade from last year.  There are improvements at every position although QB seems to be better only from the standpoint that Hoyer knows Shannahan’s system.

It is striking how many players from the 2016 roster have been cut and replaced by Lynch and Shannahan especially on the offensive side of the ball.  QB, receivers and offensive line are essential new.  In addition there is a noticeable change of culture in the locker room and field.  Will this translate to wins?  We won’t know this until the season get on the way.

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Niners at the Combine

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan continue to say all the right things.  The rebuild is going to be a process that takes a while.  Both men seem to be on the same page and compliment each other unlike the previous coaches and GM (Trent Baalke). Both Lynch and Shanahan  emphasize that the 2017 season will be a building year especially with the QB situation still up in the air.

It is now apparent now that Kaepernick will be opting out of his contract and entering free agency. Frankly the 49ers welcome this outcome as they undoubtedly would have cut Kaepernick given his on-field performances the last 2 seasons, his $14 million contract, the regression of his “football acumen” and his on-going political distractions.  Moreover, the new 49ers management believe that his is a polarizing figure with the 49ers Faithful.  Thus they believe it is time got move from the bad blood that developed last year.

When looking at the Niners roster it is obvious that there is a glaring lack of top notch talent. Is the team better than 2-14?  Well achieving 3 or more wins isn’t much of a stretch but they are not likely to win 8 or more games for sure.  Under the right circumstances the 49ers could challenge the Rams and Cards in the NFC West next year because the Rams also rebuilding and the Cards are an aging team that has lost a step or two.

Free agency starts March 9th so we’ll see what Lynch and Shanahan’s next moves will be as they rebuild the roster.

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Trump Message Echos the & Deadly Sins

The Jesuits believe that St. Ignatius’ 7 deadly sins will corrupt and lead to downfall.  The deadly sins are pride, anger, lust, gluttony, envy, greed and sloth.  The Trump presidency seems to be built on 6 of the 7 sins and his followers have consciously fallen for his message.

Trumps’ thin skin is the epitome of overwhelming self pride.  He cannot and does not let any comment go unanswered.  He constantly tweets back to his foes always seeking to get in the last word with misleading facts, out right fiction and outrageous insults.  His followers admire Trump for his so-called strength yet isn’t it the stronger man that can walk away or ignore these insults and doesn’t seek to get in the last word every time.

Anger is the cornerstone of the Trump message.  Anger and hatred of immigrants, Muslims, the poor, the liberals, the media, etc.  Every Trump speech is laced with anger and hate or “red meat, as they say, for his followers.  Blame the other guy for Americas problems.  Whip the crowd up in a frenzy.  Trump proclaims that Mexicans are taking your jobs, raping your daughters, and selling drugs.  Beware of the Muslims because Trump says  they reject our values and are potential terrorist plotting to destroy our way of life.

Trump lavish lifestyle speak volumes of the his gluttonous appetite.   Trump Tower is adorned in gold fixtures and furniture.  Mara Lago is exclusive and designed for over indulgence.  The resort is restricted to the rich and famous.   The middle class need not apply as you can’t afford the initiation fees to join!

Trump is seeking to unwind the very laws that protect the middle class in order to further enrich the financial class that nearly brought down the American economy in the early and mid 2000.  As the Michael Douglas character Gordon Gekko said in the movie, Wall Street, “Greed is good”.  President Trump echo that sentiment with his his Wall Street trained Cabinet.

Trump throughout the campaign and now as president tells the American people that they are being ripped off by China, Mexico, the welfare cheats, etc.  America and the American people should be envious of the nations that are taking our jobs.

Trump spent a career chasing and harassing women hence the reason the bought and then produced the Miss Universe pageant.  What better way to get his pick of the world most beautiful women.  Trump was even caught on tape making crude, lustful remarks about women which he later dismissed as just “locker room” talk.

What kind of president has the American people elected?  A demented huckster? A cleaver manipulator?  A mentally ill billionaire?  All the above?

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Shanahan and Lynch in Place

Kyle Shanahan arrived at the Forty-Niners headquarters today after being greeted at the local private airport by Jed York and John Lynch.  Tomorrow is the official press conference introducing Kyle and John to the local media.  The honeymoon will be short as the local media and the Faithful are anxious for a return to respectability next season.

The first order of business is to hire a coaching staff and then to evaluate the current roster to determine how many of he current players are viable candidates for the 2017 season.  Once that is accomplished Kyle and John will scout the potential free agent market as well as review the college draft candidates.  There is no doubt the 49ers have a lot of holes to fill most notably at quarterback, wide receiver and linebacker.

The Niners will likely have to find a veteran QB to fill in for the near future.  There a a few veterans they can acquire through free agency or via a trade.  The most notable is Jimmy Garoppolo who may alsobe the most sought after by the Niners, Browns and Bears.  A far as the draft goes there doesn’t seem to any “sure fire” QB to use in the first 10 – 15 picks of the first round.  Kyle, John and the scouts will have to be cautious in making the second pick in the draft as there will be the temptation to use that slot to select a QB much like Mike Nolan did with Alex Smith in his first year.

Wide receivers are likely to picked through free agency and with lower round draft choices.  Hopefully Kyle and John have a better eye for receivers than the the previous GM who was terrible in this regard.

The draft is stocked with linebackers and edge rushers.  It is likely that they will use the #2 slot for a edge rusher or linebacker given the make-up of the QB class in 2017.

The Faithful are encouraged and the media is skeptical.  Good luck Kyle and John; please bail out Jed!

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