2015 49ers Season

Two week from now the 49ers will start there 2015 Summer camp with a new coaching staff and many new players. The 2014 – 2015 offseason was turmoil after Harbaugh was fired in January 2015. The media and fans were up in arms against Jed York and Trent Baalke on the way they handled the season and post-season mess. But things have somewhat quieted down and now it remains to be seen how Jim Tomsula and the 49ers will play. The national media is placing the Niners dead last in the NFC West so there are some lowered expectations but inenvidetly there will be comparisons to the Harbaugh winning years. Right now I can’t say I expect much but I have some hope Kaepernick will have a breakout year which could translate to a better than average season. But if Kaepernick struggles it will be a long, losing season. 

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49ers flop against the Colts

Niners lose 27-7 to a good but great Colts. The Niners mounted one drive early in the game then the Colts defense shut the offense down. Kaepernick looked confused and scattered. The Niners quit running the ball in the second half. Management may have made a mistake allowing Aldon Smith play even the had been cited for a DUI a day earlier. The team seem unfocused and undisciplined. For the first time in two years players a doubting Harbaugh, losing does that fast. Thursday Niners play the Rams in a must win game. Stay tuned!

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Seahawks beat down!

On my gosh Sunday in Seattle was ugly. No running game, receivers can’t get open and Kaepernick was under pressure from a fierce pass rush. In the end the 49ers lose 28-3. Ugly, ugly, ugly! Forget this damn loss and get ready for the Colt!

Concerns: running game and a second or third receiving threat!

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Niners v Packers

49ers beat the Packers this Sunday 34-28 in a hard fought battle at The Stick. Colin Kaepernick threw for 423 yards. Anquan Boldin caught 13 passes for over 200 yards. Vernon Davis had 6 catches and 2 TDs. Niners played well against a very good Packers squad. The Packers took away the Niners ground game. Our defense was effective when needed. Aaron Rodgers was sharp throughout the game and gave the Niners fits. The crowd was energized but under control.

In the end we can say, “Who’s got it better than us!” “Nobody!”

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Niners v Vikings

Niners turned up the intensity against the Vikings on Sunday night (8/25) scoring 34 to Vikes 14. Colt McCoy looked better coming in after Kaepernick. Colt may have saved his back up role although he still looks fairly soft. Daniels continues to impress in mop up rolls. I think he has a chance to make the team but still it is a long shot. Quentin Patton and Marlon Moore looked good at wide outs. The next two weeks will be important for the fringe players and special team roles become important considerations.

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Seahawks Scare Me

Holy cow Seahawks are being Denver 33-7 at half time. Seahawk QB Wilson is lighting it up. It’s only pre-season but the Seahawks are scary.

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49ers v Chiefs

The Niners struggled to beat a second tier Kansas City Chiefs team 15-13 on 4th quarter drive lead by rookie B. J. Davis. Kaepernick played only 4 snaps in order to give ample playing time to the back-ups McCoy and Tolzien. Memo to Trent Balke, start searching for an experienced back-up QB. McCoy and Tolzien are lost. All-in-all the Niners offense struggle for a second week. One hopes this because the starters aren’t playing. It is also worrisome that the offensive live doesn’t look sharpe. A. J. Jenkins continues to struggle in game action. He’ll probably make the team but shouldn’t as he is not contributing and really doesn’t to show any promise.

On a positive note the defense continues to shine. Harbaugh and company will have to make some hard cut as they have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball.

The next game will probably showcase more of the starter so we’ll get a better sense of what we have in 2013.

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