Bye Time for 49ers

The 49ers enter their bye week 1 – 6 after a humiliating loss to Tampa Bay 27 – 14.  Nothing went right on the field and it’s becoming apparent that Kaepernick is not the answer to the offensive inefficiency.  There is increasing talk around the league that Chip Kelly’s offense is not NFL caliber which make hiring him another mistake for Jed and Trent.

In addition the word out of the 49ers offices is that they are willing to trade any and everybody in return for draft picks.  Joe Staley is the #1 name circulating and the it seems the Niners are seeking a first round draft pick; fat chance on that happening.  Joe is 31 and his best days seem to be behind him.  I think of him as a 3 round choice at best.  Again this seems more drivel from the 49ers GM just like when they shopped Kasepernick last Spring.  We know how successful that turned out.

The season is lost and so is the organization.  Levi appeared less than half full on Sunday which is which effecting their concession and parking revenue.  Season ticket holders can’t sell or give away their tickets so are electing to stay home.  My guess is that without a major shift in the organization in the off season there will many unsold season tickets next season as people walk away from a bad investment.

It’s getting close to being a “come to Jesus” moment for Jed, John and Denise for sure!

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Jed York Is Not Competent

With a 1 – 5 record and a wholesale revolt developing in the media and amongst the fans Jed York stays encapsulated in his protective bubble so he doesn’t have take responsibility for the Niners declining fortunes.  The media and fans are calling for Jed to fire GM Trent Baalke yet insiders are saying that Junior York is likely to keep Baalke even though the roster, of which he responsible for, is one if not the weakest in the NFL.  As this season progresses and the losses pile up the criticism by the media and fans will continue to intensify.  As it stands now Levi is generally half empty on game days as regular fans stay home unable to sell or give away their tickets.  Yet Jed continues to feed his favor media types rumors about who is at fault which never he or his family.

The latest rumor has Chip Kelly returning to the college football coaching ranks in 2017.  There may be some truth to the rumors as several powerful college programs will looking to replace their head coach including Texas and possibly Penn State, Oregon, ASU and Arizona among others. It has become apparent over the last 4 years that Chip’s offensive schemes do not work in the NFL no matter how fast or slow the pace is.  To be fair Chip was dealt as bad hand in the Niners where he has a terrible roster, key injuries, an incompetent GM and a deceptive and devious CEO and ownership. Chip may welcome a job at a college where he is in charge of the roster and finances.

The bottomline is that the York ownership and Jed in particular are incompetent when  it comes to running and managing an NFL franchise.  Over the 20 plus year that the Yorks have been in control the team has only enjoyed 4 or 5 good seasons mostly under the helm of Jim Harbaugh who they ran off due to internal differences.  Frankly it’s hard to tell who in charge of the 49ers and always has been under the Yorks.  Is is Mama DeBartolo York, Papa John York, Little Junior Jed York or the myriad of executives on the business and/or football side of the 49ers?

To add insult to injury Eddie D’s daughter Lisa recently tweeted that Jed is incompetent and should step down.  I guess she should know as has probably discussed as much with her Dad who ran the 49ers winning 5 Super Bowls.

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Packers Struggling

Five games into the 2016 season it is obvious that Aaron Rodgers is not operating at top form.  Watching Aaron in Green Bay on Sunday I sensed the problem is partly physical (bum arm) and partly mental (lost confidence).   Rodgers missed at least two easy throws including to a wide open Randell Cobb in the end zone and another in which Cobb broke open for a potential TD or long gain.  In addition there were many other times that  Rodgers made poor throws resulting in a catch without YAK or an incompletions.  Rodgers also, at times, flat out didn’t see the open receiver and threw to a covered receiver.  It is also apparent that Rodgers has become tentative in his reads which leads to sacks or throw-away balls.

Thus the Packers now stand at 3-2 going into a Thursday night game against the lowly Chicago Bears.  Frankly a loss to the Bears would be devastating as the Bears are having their own troubles this season.  However the Packers have to be concerned as the offense has been sputtering and they are now facing a number of key injuries on both sides of the ball.

The Packer faithful are starting to reign down the boos on the team as well as calling for the heads of Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson because the team seems to be slowing going downhill since they won the Super Bowl.


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Niners Are Repeating 2015

At the end of the 2015 season Jed York held a press conference to apologize to the Faithful for a dismal 2015 season and declaring things will change going forward.  He took his so-called first step in bring back a winner to the Bay Area by firing head coach Jim Tomsula and hiring Chip Kelly.  Jed made a few other changes in the front office but left GM Trent Baalke in place even though much of the very poor roster was drafted or signed by him.

In reviewing the 2015 roster there were noticeable weaknesses on the offensive side of the ball including a weak offensive line, very poor quarterbacks and virtually no playmaker receivers.  In short the offense was nearly the poorest in the NFL.  The Niners had the 7th pick in the 2016 draft with the possibility of trading up to get a QB or another playmaker.  As the draft rolled around there was speculation the Niners would trade up too take a QB.  On draft day the Rams and Eagles did trade up to take quarterbacks and Niners kept their 7th pick to take a defensive lineman from Oregon.  The fans and press were dismayed.  But low and behold the Niners traded up to get another first round choice and use it to take an offensive lineman out of Stanford (he is currently sitting on the bench).  Round after round went by and the Niners didn’t pick a QB or receiver even though several attractive ones were available.

Well the thought was they would use their extra cap money (around $40 million) to sign a free agent QB or receiver.  Wrong!  Most NFL experts now judged the 49ers 2016 roster as one of the worst.  In addition the Niners elected to keep Colin Kaepernick on the roster even though he had been ineffective for two seasons, had a high priced contract and now had recent history of injuries.  As feared by the fans Kaepernick came to camp weak and sore due several off season surgeries.  Coach Kelly declared Blaine Gabbert the starting QB for season opener.

Kaepernick, on the other hand, decided to become a political activist by not standing for the National Anthem and by making political statements to the press highlighting his concerns about police brutality and murder of black men.  This created a national firestorm and distracted Colin and the team from the task at hand which was to get ready for the upcoming season.

After 4 regular season game the Niners stand at 1-3 exactly the same as last season.  The offense is struggling and they are getting beat soundly by good teams as they did in 2015.  The fans have to wonder what has changed in a year.  Apparently nothing.  The roster is weak, the owner is cheap and the coach is seems out of step with what it takes to produce winning football.

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Kelly Settles In

Chip Kelly has his coaching staff in place and is now evaluating the roster and potential draft choices.  There is lots of anticipation that Kaepernick will be cut on April 1 and that the Niners will draft a QB with their first draft choice if one of the top two QBs are available.  The obvious choice for the Niners is Jared Goff  of Cal however if Goff or Carson Wentz aren’t available then I think the Niners will wait until the second round to nab Connor Cook of Michigan State.  The Niners immediate decisions will resigning of a few of their players who are free agents and then to look at other free agents that can shore up some of the weaknesses in the offensive line and receiver corp.  Right now Kelly is probably looking at a 8 and 8 team and possibly a 10 win team if they get some breaks.

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Chip Kelly Introduced to Faithful

Chip Kelly was formally introduced to the Bay Area media contingent and the Forty-Niners Faithful today.  Kelly stuck to the script by acknowledging the Walsh legend and the need to return this proud franchise to Super Bowl contention.

For the most part Chip Kelly didn’t reveal any secrets but he did answer all questions in an articular manner, something missing 12 months ago.  Trent Baalke definitely took backstage to the new head coach only answering a few questions when asked.

Chip stayed away from a few bating or leading question and made sure he did not reveal any thoughts or strategies around the quarterback situation especially with regard to Colin Kaepernick.  He also didn’t elaborate on his issues with the Eagles and their owner.

Now Chip starts his reign as 49ers head coach and is building a staff of competent assistants and evaluating the current roster to determine what is needed to compete in the NFC West next season. If nothing else it will be fun to watch Chip and the 49ers get ready for the 2016 season.


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Chip Kelly is New 49ers Head Coach

Jed York has hired former Eagles and University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly to lead the 49ers. Kelly signed a $25 million 4 year deal. Kelly’s first task is to assemble a coaching staff to assist him in the tall task of turning around the last place 49ers. Once s staff is in place he will sit down them and Trent Baalke to evaluate the roster and identify the needs for upcoming season.

Chip Kelly’s hiring now puts the spot light and pressure on Trent Baalke to draft or sign a bevy of quality players to upgrade the current roster so the Niners  can get back to playoff and championship contention.  Since Kelly is going be strictly the head coach with only minor personnel responsibilities York will now be evaluating the performance of the much maligned GM.

Right now the Faithful are anticipating an upgrade in 2016 due to a perceived upgrade in the coach. If the team comes up short the heat will be directed at York and Baalke. Based on York’s past he will throw Baalke over board to demonstrate his in control.

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