Kelly Settles In

Chip Kelly has his coaching staff in place and is now evaluating the roster and potential draft choices.  There is lots of anticipation that Kaepernick will be cut on April 1 and that the Niners will draft a QB with their first draft choice if one of the top two QBs are available.  The obvious choice for the Niners is Jared Goff  of Cal however if Goff or Carson Wentz aren’t available then I think the Niners will wait until the second round to nab Connor Cook of Michigan State.  The Niners immediate decisions will resigning of a few of their players who are free agents and then to look at other free agents that can shore up some of the weaknesses in the offensive line and receiver corp.  Right now Kelly is probably looking at a 8 and 8 team and possibly a 10 win team if they get some breaks.

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Chip Kelly Introduced to Faithful

Chip Kelly was formally introduced to the Bay Area media contingent and the Forty-Niners Faithful today.  Kelly stuck to the script by acknowledging the Walsh legend and the need to return this proud franchise to Super Bowl contention.

For the most part Chip Kelly didn’t reveal any secrets but he did answer all questions in an articular manner, something missing 12 months ago.  Trent Baalke definitely took backstage to the new head coach only answering a few questions when asked.

Chip stayed away from a few bating or leading question and made sure he did not reveal any thoughts or strategies around the quarterback situation especially with regard to Colin Kaepernick.  He also didn’t elaborate on his issues with the Eagles and their owner.

Now Chip starts his reign as 49ers head coach and is building a staff of competent assistants and evaluating the current roster to determine what is needed to compete in the NFC West next season. If nothing else it will be fun to watch Chip and the 49ers get ready for the 2016 season.


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Chip Kelly is New 49ers Head Coach

Jed York has hired former Eagles and University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly to lead the 49ers. Kelly signed a $25 million 4 year deal. Kelly’s first task is to assemble a coaching staff to assist him in the tall task of turning around the last place 49ers. Once s staff is in place he will sit down them and Trent Baalke to evaluate the roster and identify the needs for upcoming season.

Chip Kelly’s hiring now puts the spot light and pressure on Trent Baalke to draft or sign a bevy of quality players to upgrade the current roster so the Niners  can get back to playoff and championship contention.  Since Kelly is going be strictly the head coach with only minor personnel responsibilities York will now be evaluating the performance of the much maligned GM.

Right now the Faithful are anticipating an upgrade in 2016 due to a perceived upgrade in the coach. If the team comes up short the heat will be directed at York and Baalke. Based on York’s past he will throw Baalke over board to demonstrate his in control.

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The Forty-Niners Coaching Search Continues

Hue Jackson is off the Niners short list as the Browns hired him today.  So that leaves Chip Kelly, Tom Coughlin, Mike Shanahan and a host of lesser names.  It is seems the Niners are once again on a wild goose chase for a head coach.  This starting to look like the search they conducted which yielded Dennis Erickson.  Once again a lot of bold talk about getting a top notch coach and instead settling for an older college retread that had failed once before in NFL.

Niners fans are getting anxious and the local media cynical.  Jed York is once again appearing to be a fool and lier in the eyes of the Faithful.  The next coach will have a lot of pressure delivering a winning season especially since Tomsula, a one shot defense line coach, under extreme conditions delivered 5 wins last season.

Trent Baalke seems to the man in charge these days and his recent record as a personnel man is very bad.  The Niners have very few quality players from their top draft picks and the free agent signing have not produced results.  One wonders why Baalke is the man in charge given his record.

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Packers Get Wildcard Win

After falling behind 11-0 well into the second quarter the Packers came back with 17 unanswered points to go into half time leading 17-11.  The Packers scored on the strength of a revived running and passing game after the slow start which included a safety when Rodgers was sacked in the end zone at with 10:27 on the clock in the first quarter. Once Rodgers got into a groove and the offensive line was able to hold out the the Washington defense rush the tide began to turn in Green Bay’s favor.

Washington scored early in the second half to take a brief lead but that’s all she wrote for the DC football squad.  Packers scored the final 18 points to win 35-18 going away.  Rodgers finished 21 of 35 with 210 yard including to 2 TD passes.  The Pack also had 141 yards on the ground including key runs by both Lacy and Starks. James Jones had a big game with 7 catches for 81 yards.  Devote Adams also contributed with 4 key catches including a big TD catch just before half time to send there Pack into the locker room with a 6 point lead.

All in all it was a solid win by he Packers and sends them Arizona desert to take on the red hot Cardinals next week.  The Cards impressively beat the pack in the final regular season game.  The Packers now have a week to figure out how to stop the AZ offense and defense.  One wonders if this is possible given the terrible beat down they took several weeks ago in Arizona.  One hopes the Washington win is a precursor to the the Packers offense gelling even though they struggled throughout the second half of the 2015 season which included 6 losses in 8 games down the stretch.

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Jed Axes Jimmy T!

Well Jed fired Jim Tomsula minutes after the Niners beat the Rams Sunday (1/3/16) without any drama or fanfare. Jed simply felt that the team failed to make significant progress during the season and Tomsula’s lack of sideline experience and ability to manage the game was very evident.  

It goes without saying that Tomsula was also dealt a bad hand from the get-go due to key retirements, season ending injuries and the overall lack of talent and depth.  One wonders why Trent Baalke is still employed as he is the person that drafted most of these players as well as signed the few free agents on the roster.  Frankly Trent’s recent  49ers track record is poor at best.

Never-the-less change 0n the field was necessary as the one year experiment with Tomsula did not inspire confidence with the media or fans.  Moreover it was good to hear Jed York apologize to the fans and to admit his past mistakes and shortcomings.  But he didn’t go as far as say the firing of Jim Harbaugh was a mistake as it seems that Harbaugh wanted out and he fueled the feud between himself and management.

Now Baalke and York turn their attention to hiring a new coach with head coaching experience and a winning track record.  There are  lot of names swirling in the media but Jed was very careful not to tip his hand as there are a number of other teams looking for a new coach as well.  I suspect the next head coach will be somebody well known and with significant head coaching experience in the NFL.  Also the person will be  deep and ready  rolodex that he will use to build an well established coaching staff to mold a winning culture and roster.

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Almost Decision Time for Jed


It is the final week of the 2015 NFL regular season and the 49ers are sporting a 4-11 record one of the poorest in the league.  Their statistics actually are even worst than the win-loss record indicate especially when the offense has the ball.  In addition the team seems to be getting worse late in  the season which never bodes well for the incumbent staff.
Starting January 4th Jed York and his family will on the clock to decide whether to make any changes to the football upper management and coaching staff.  Since the firing of Jim Harbaugh at the end of last season the team has gotten progressively worse.  Moreover the mood of the Faithful is that the York family does not care about the product on the field but only about money and the appearance of internal organizational harmony.
However empty seats, local and national media criticism and a losing record are apparently making the York family rethink the current football structure.  Indeed it has been widely reported that former Super Bowl coach and 49ers assistant Mike Holmgren has made it known that he would be interested in coaching the 49ers next year.  Whether Holmgren gets hired or not it still provides a speculation in the media on the 49ers’ future as well as continual criticism of the state of the current 49ers.
Since the end of last season Jed York has been conspicuously quiet about this team and its future.  There haven’t been any ringing endorsements of Tomsula or even Trent Baalke who could also been on the hot seat due to the lack of talent on the current roster.  There will also be pressure on Jed with the Super Bowl coming to Levi in February.  Once the playoffs are over an army of media types will be descending on the Bay Area to cover the big game.  The media, looking for stories, will definitely comment on the fall of the 49ers because when the game was awarded to the Bay Area it was anticipated that a Jim Harbaugh led 49ers team would be one of the top contenders for the Super Bowl trophy. My how things have changed since that decision was made 4 years ago.


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